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[分享] 闇龍紀元前傳小說: 被盜的王座 - 中英雙語版本 (上)     [複製鏈接]

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' E3 J3 g# ~/ C8 _6 s4 R
/ Z1 u8 R1 ?2 p) F5 L: U) {% W8 h  D大家都應該知道 Dragon Age 的主筆, 也是 Bioware 的作家 David Gaider為 DA 寫了兩本小說.
4 D  Y9 k' O/ a. l: ~: @: D試閱版本可以在這裡下載:
! F, l3 O" J8 N  `6 }9 Hhttp://dragonage.bioware.com/game/product/
1 J( x0 b2 {( E  k, U7 U1 t3 h! o6 _+ c0 u& o/ }

( ~) _+ {+ e' }
6 w( _. P9 B% c% r
( ~2 N) j5 W/ A$ Y5 U& i/ G" B! [; G( l* \
頭一部是 The Stolen Throne,描述遊戲中 King Cailan 的父親 King Maric 少年時的故事...0 `* R* S8 h1 c4 R8 x  a
試閱版本雖然只有第一章,但讀後覺得還挺不錯的. 在網上面找到一點中文翻譯, 很零碎, 也不很準確, 於是不知怎地傻傻的自己來翻譯了......
' F' e4 b9 c3 ?8 {2 Z8 j, S: Z& W9 @+ x/ W5 q1 K
, O2 d1 N, C8 Z4 S2 o( O1. 希望能幫助你更融入遊戲.
1 {7 R5 ~: `, n+ {" o! t; Q7 b6 ?2. 其實...也希望更多人來一起幫忙翻譯Dragon Age啦, 翻譯也是一件挺好玩的事." P# w3 `) j* ]/ E/ f
3. 希望藉此多增進英文 XD
8 n/ ~1 _$ p; o; ]7 Y; f! i
. L1 t% |, e8 w" o目前只完成第一章的 50%, 希望有時間可以完成餘下的吧...
- ^# U& `) p4 a0 u: K7 H如有錯誤還望多多指正, 感謝感謝~
" g) d& k3 \' \8 p) }& p9 o' q  T/ A" k% h5 E9 S
: k  _8 k5 H+ R2 z* j* O) F+ d4 t
  n1 T. v0 _( l7 H" i' q2 l

, e/ U' Y( Z0 {9 O0 t7 r2 z6 M. Q我只把翻譯貼在這個論壇. 如果你喜歡, 歡迎你轉貼, 但請列明原文出處, 讓其他人認識這個論壇哦~~
# ]: y( I8 v3 c; e3 M5 F) K
; o- q" X7 A' z& z
8 z- s: a4 k$ j& a: w, `# T3 H- R. L& Z: J9 E6 B
* S7 F9 f" F: e' y

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! p9 u5 d3 O) b5 t) N===========================================================3 m: @, E( P: K! W0 I1 s% E3 d1 P
The Stolen Throne 被盜的王座 (上)

2 |( i/ f8 P& K; B; `英文版原載於: http://dragonage.bioware.com/game/product/
% W1 M' ?% C6 q3 d1 c2 r英文版原作者:  David Gaider
1 k3 C* T" x3 E# M版權屬該公司所有

( A- w  q' k0 R% F& t  T/ B& `, m4 o  p- [6 E) P
中文翻譯: beta400* L9 i1 Y. u( o2 {/ R* h2 D
中文翻譯原文貼於: 奇幻遊戲社群論壇
8 u: N2 N/ P, R5 y' B' Y
. B' u2 z" ]0 M0 k* [/ G中文翻譯授權:
( }3 q1 v9 p  ~- c% q創用 CC: 姓名標示-非商業性-相同方式分享 3.0

4 Z. q' q& j" Q9 W2 j  l$ m
3 a1 t9 c3 P- {11/4/2010" B' \' h# _* h- ^; p! P/ L
22/4/2010更新: 加插了圖片 (互聯網找的, 原書並沒有圖片); 另修改了一些排版/ B) D$ X  |8 _
3 X3 ]* y! N8 C  k7 g/ D
' ~, n/ Q% k2 I& a6 C
                                                     1; l) s2 ^; p. C  ?

+ ?) s+ J* j7 M“Run, Maric!” 6 c* S6 a6 h  w- q  @. Z+ q  j' e/ U
"跑啊, Maric!."
1 w  G  W  I. O# f' p2 V

3 v' I" e! |  R! s6 r9 i' p% L- i9 M- O. j2 @7 j
And run he did." I& N' n' R5 |2 _+ e" g* c

- D/ z  |1 {  Q- W$ q* A: \5 S# B8 ?* h9 g4 |" J$ N! m
" B3 l# K$ \; F8 Q5 m
His mother’s dying words whipped him into action. The image of her grisly murder still burning in his mind, Maric reeled and plunged into the trees at the edge of the clearing. Ignoring the clawing branches that scraped at his face and clung to his cloak, he blindly forced his way into the foliage.
( D  o# o0 M2 }  C
就是他母親臨死前說的話, 驅使他拔腿就跑. Maric 跌跌撞撞地離開空地, 往樹林裡衝去, 母親被殺的影像, 仍然烙印在腦海裡. 樹枝如爪般劃破他的臉、拉扯他的披風, 他都不管了, 就一股腦兒鑽進枝葉中間.
& t/ W7 L/ k6 `- r
. }) z- ^9 G8 @; v9 ]$ g: c1 E
! G; a/ X8 N$ a& \& _: a! t, j
Strong hands grabbed him from behind. One of his mother’s men, or one of the traitors who had just orchestrated her death? He assumed the latter. Grunting with effort, Maric shoved back, struggling to dislodge the hold on him. He succeeded only in getting a few more branches striking him in the face, the leaves blinding him further. The hands attempted to haul him back into the clearing, and he dug his boots into the ground, gaining a bit of purchase on gnarled tree roots. Maric violently shoved back again, his elbow connecting with something hard . . . something that gave way with a wet crunching sound and a startled grunt of pain.
& X2 q8 O4 R# _# v7 {+ R3 e0 }3 n突然, 從後而來的一雙手抓住了他. 那是母親的人, 還是殺死她的那幫叛徒? 他猜想是後者. 他猛力爭扎, 一邊咕嚕著, 一邊把這雙手推開. 但是只向前衝了幾步, 便被樹葉檔住了. 那雙手要把他抓回剛才的空地, Maric只好把靴子挖進地裡, 靠著盤纏的樹根借點力, 然後再大力一推. 他的手肘好像碰到了甚麼硬物...碎裂的聲音, 然後是一下吃驚的痛苦叫聲.
5 Z0 I! V- ^" p; z/ y
9 H5 r% L+ _6 T9 `! w7 @7 F  p

. a# T, u+ z1 ?
The hands loosened, and Maric leaped forward into the trees. His cloak resisted, jerked him back. Something had caught on his long leather coat. He twisted and fought frantically, like a wild beast caught in a trap, until he somehow wriggled himself out, leaving the cloak torn on a branch. Maric gasped, launching himself into the darkness beyond the clearing without risking even a glance behind. The forest was old and thick, allowing only the faintest beams of moonlight through the dense canopy. It was not enough to see by, only enough to turn the forest into a maze of frightening shadows and silhouettes. Tall twisted oaks stood like dark sentinels, surrounded by dense bushes and recesses so black, they could have held almost anything.
9 `5 e7 d6 v' Q' d& \2 V) e那雙手鬆開了. Maric 於是飛快地往樹林跑, 披風卻把他拉住. 有些東西抓住他的長皮外衣. 他瘋狂地掙扎, 如落在陷阱裡的野獸般掙扎. 不知怎地, 他脫身了, 把撕裂的披風留在樹枝上. Maric 喘著氣, 頭也不敢回一下便跑進樹林裡去. 那樹林古老而深沉, 月光穿過茂密的樹頂, 顯得黯淡又微弱, 微弱得甚麼也看不見.感覺像步進了一個佈滿可怕陰影和輪廓的迷宮裡. 高大而扭曲的橡樹, 被矮草叢圍繞著, 就像站立於黑暗中的守衛. 那幽深處漆黑一片, 似乎甚麼東西可能藏在裡面.
! g) f! h% Z1 X7 {! W/ U

1 V. U# f3 N% `$ [+ m* L  W9 W2 H- `, r2 L2 q8 w
He had no idea where he was going; only his urge to flee guided his feet. He stumbled over roots that jutted out of the uneven ground and bounced off solid tree trunks that kept springing out of nowhere. Wet and slippery mud made his steps treacherous and his balance so precarious, it seemed the ground might give way beneath him at any moment. The woods were completely disorienting. He could have been running in circles, for all he knew. Maric heard men shouting as they entered the woods behind him, giving chase, and he could clearly make out the sounds of fighting as well. Steel blade ringing on steel blade, the cries of men dying—his mother’s men, many he had known his entire life.
" @+ P  A/ W7 U1 |( U# z他完全不知道自己要往哪裡去, 就只靠那急著逃命的勁兒驅動雙腿. 他蹣跚跑著、跌碰著, 眼前樹根從凹凸不平地面突出來, 樹幹不斷地從四面八方衝上來. 濕滑的地面使他快要失去平衡、使他每踏一步都變得危險, 腳下的地面好像隨時會塌陷下去. 樹林裡的路毫無方向, 說不定他一直在繞著跑圈吧. Maric 聽見尾隨那幫人的叫嚷. 他們跟進樹林來了. 他聽得出打鬥聲, 刀劍的對碰聲, 頻死的叫聲 -- 是他母親的人, 當中很多自他小時已經認識, 都是看著他長大的.

3 Z/ V; d. K8 j' e
/ a- Q/ J. E2 e0 |) A% @7 T5 ]2 O9 |) g( U. B: I. A
As he frantically ran on, images kept whirling through Maric’s mind. Moments ago, he had been shivering in the cold forest clearing, convinced that his presence at the clandestine meeting was more a formality than anything else. He barely paid attention to the proceedings. His mother had informed him earlier that with the support of these new men, the rebellion would finally become a force. These men were willing to turn on their Orlesian masters, she said, and that made it an opportunity she wasn’t willing to pass up after so many years spent running and hiding and only picking what battles they could win. Maric hadn’t objected to the meeting, and the idea that it might be risky never even occurred to him. His mother was the infamous Rebel Queen; it was she who had first inspired the rebellion, and she who led the army. The battle had always been hers and never his. He, himself, had never even seen his grandfather’s throne, never understood the power his family had possessed before the Orlesians invaded. He had spent his entire eighteen years in rebel camps and remote castles, endlessly marching and forever being dragged along in his mother’s wake. He couldn’t even imagine what it might be like to not live that way; it was a completely foreign concept to him.
4 b: a) L0 y2 P) g& Y- p就在他發狂地逃跑時, Maric 的腦海盤旋著好幾幕情景. 不久之前, 他還在那樹林的空地中打顫, 心想著要他出席那秘密會議, 只不過是例行禮節罷了. 會議過程他都沒在意. 記得母親早前曾說, 得到那些新加盟的幫助, 反抗勢力終於成形了. 她說, 這麼多年來癲沛流離, 只想著究竟有甚麼仗可以贏得了. 現在那些人終肯背棄他們的 Orlais主人, 跟他們聯合是個不可放棄的大好機會.  Maric 沒有反對這場會議, 甚至從沒想過當中會有甚麼風險. 他的母親, 就是聲名狼藉的"反抗軍女王": 就是他首先激勵反抗份子, 後來帶領出一批反抗軍. 然而, 這場爭戰一直都是屬於他母親, 而不是他的. 他自己從來沒有目睹過祖父的王權, 也從來不了解他的家族在 Orlais 人侵佔前是如何的顯赫. 他人生的十八個年頭都在反抗軍的營地和偏遠的城堡中渡過, 無止境的跟隨著母親行軍. 如果不過那樣的生活, 他完全想像不到可以怎麼過日子 -- 其他的生活方式, 對他來說, 全是遙不可及的概念.
& z' _0 B3 [5 ~+ W4 |+ \( F
/ V5 f2 T+ f. Q# w& g5 D3 h0 j

% c5 Z7 ~! Q) sAnd now his mother was dead. Maric’s balance was ripped from him, and he tumbled in darkness down a short hill covered in wet leaves. He slid awkwardly and slammed his head against a rock, crying out in pain. His vision swam.3 f: D. G  Z4 q
現在他母親死了. 突然 Maric 失去了平衡, 滾下了舖滿濕葉子的小山坡, 頭狠狠地落在一塊石頭上. 他痛苦地叫了出來, 視線開始模糊.
( ^1 H' C" R. L8 P( F

0 _$ }2 {6 Y# ^) W3 S7 e% o$ A+ B5 Z# a# y
From far off came a muffled answering cry of his pursuers. They had heard him.9 {: f# U/ g8 x
遠處隱隱傳來回應的聲音. 剛才一叫, 被追捕的人聽到了.
8 r, @7 B' H) D* B3 r

4 a( s: V. ]- q- p/ \6 n9 j
! L# z- U, ]0 l# H/ QMaric lay there in the moonlit shadows, cradling his head. It felt like it was on fire, a raging inferno that blotted out reason. He cursed himself for being so stupid. By sheer luck if nothing else, he had managed to run some distance into the forest, and now he had given away his location. There was a thick wetness on his fingers. Blood was caking in his hair and running down around his ears and neck—warm in sharp contrast with the frosty air.
7 G' c5 t! l* x: ^+ l6 K! WMaric抱著頭, 在月影下趟著. 頭像著了火般, 烈焰把理性掩蓋了. 他咒罵自己怎麼做出這蠢事來. 剛才僅憑運氣, 好不容易才躲進森林裡, 現在卻把自己的位置暴露了. 指頭間他感覺到黏黏濕濕的, 原來鮮血在頭髮間凝注, 有些流到他的耳背和頸項. 溫暖的血和寒冷的空氣, 形成了強烈的對比.
7 R( T1 _4 B& T# _

" \" F( }; A! u$ w+ x/ M/ B: K  }' N
- w% E/ A2 D* H, mFor a moment he shook, a single sob escaping his lips. Maybe it was best just to lie here, he thought. Let them come and kill him, too. They had already killed his mother and earned whatever lavish reward the usurper had surely promised them. What was he, besides an extra body to be slaughtered along with the too-few men Mother had brought? And then he froze as a terrible realization settled at the edge of his consciousness.
& [9 X3 C% J3 X0 \3 w! s: J這刻他抖震著, 抽噎了一下.  或許就這麼趟著吧, 他想. 由他們把自己也一拼殺掉. 反正他們已經把母親殺了, 幕後那些篡位的人, 大概會給他們一大筆酬勞. 殺了他, 只不過是除母親他們以外, 再多殺一個罷了, 這又有甚麼分別呢? 然而他的思緒止住了, 他意識到一件極為重要的事, 他都幾乎想不起來.

7 h% l% B% i( S8 Q1 Y4 i- O( C( x6 k
0 ^8 A% o$ [+ w8 a; g' G) X8 ?) ~3 d% }7 S+ r5 i6 c' y# v/ f3 J
He was the King.% C) S9 c! a  K$ p% s& {
  p% [5 ?5 h* B: J
! y4 R5 d9 O- j) {. \
It was ridiculous, of course. Him? The one who elicited so many impatient sighs and worried looks? The one for whom Mother always had to make excuses? She had always assured him that once he got older, he would grow into the same easy authority that she evinced. But that had never happened. It was no great offense, either, as he had never taken seriously the idea that his mother might actually die. She was invulnerable and larger than life itself. Her death was a hypothetical thing, something that had no actual bearing on reality./ `: h" C8 A0 ^  v
這可真荒謬呢. 他嗎? 就是那個終日怨天尤人的傢伙? 就是那個要母親常常找藉口掩飾他的不是的小子? 母親總是跟他說, 待他年長一點, 就能像自己般統領下屬. 但那可從來沒有發生. 不誇張的說, 他甚至從來沒認真想過母親有一天會真的死去. 她可不是沒有弱點、脫離生死的嗎? 所謂死亡在她而言不是一個假設而已嗎? 在現實中她是不會死的.
8 ]6 D9 z* T" Z+ k" v9 q  @# u: B
/ f, l2 a( ~0 `! }
% i* d0 h  a$ p& y9 |8 G. e
And now she was gone and he was supposed to be King? He was to carry on the rebellion on his own?' X$ q9 `! n3 b2 M/ `" g) v5 E# M
現在隨著母親逝去, 照理他是國王了吧? 照理他要獨自一人帶領反抗軍吧?
6 m. \, D3 S" e+ z# F. J

% \) M9 ]7 U) |; W0 y
5 K0 p; V1 K8 U  i5 HHe could just imagine the usurper upon his throne in the capital, laughing uproariously when he received the news of Maric’s succession. Better to die here, he thought. Better that they put a sword through his gut, just as they had done to his mother, than to become the laughingstock of Ferelden. Maybe they would find some distant relative to take up the banner of rebellion. And if not, then it was best to let the bloodline of King Calenhad the Great die here. Let it end with the Rebel Queen falling just short of her goal—rather than petering out under the leadership of her inept son.% a6 n( ^3 o4 b- I1 s5 f
他可以想像得到, 在首都那些要篡位的人若得知 Maric 繼任的消息, 那副大笑的模樣. 他心想, 與其淪為Ferelden裡別人飯後的笑柄, 不如在這裡像母親般被一劍刺死好了. 或許有人會找到遠親擔當反抗軍大旗. 即使不是, 讓偉大的 Calenhad王的血脈就此中斷, 讓一切隨女王的死而告終, 也總比反抗軍在那個無能兒子的領導下日漸衰落來得好.
+ h; H8 E- b( I4 O0 ]3 C* n6 N

7 x& w& X& o. R* W' T4 o
$ C  E7 ]! K/ e  yThere was a certain amount of peace in that thought. Maric lay there on his back, the damp coldness of the leaves and mud almost comforting against his skin. The irregular shouts of the men drew nearer, but it was almost possible for Maric to blot them out. He tried to focus solely on the rustling of the leaves in the wind overhead. The tall trees stood all around him, like giant shadows peering down at the tiny figure who had tumbled at their feet. He could smell the pine, the tartness of nearby tree sap. These forest sentinels would be the only witnesses to his death.: M$ H3 f7 N' Y) c+ o. V  n" Q
這個想法的確令人放下心頭大石. Maric 就這麼趟著, 皮膚開始習慣了那又濕又冷的葉子和泥濘. 叫嚷的聲音此起彼落、越逼越近, Maric 能聽得出他們在哪裡. 他試著專注在風中沙沙的樹葉聲. 高聳的大樹圍繞著他, 就像巨人們望著那腳下絆倒的小矮人. 他又嗅到松樹和附近樹汁尖酸的氣味. 這些森林守衛將會是唯一見證他死亡的人吧.

2 z+ s+ b! U' \9 l& a  r8 x9 z4 D4 }( I: e9 j
6 M. g/ X- c; a4 I  o3 K  V
And as he lay there, the pain in his head dulling to an insistent throb, the thought rankled. The men who had lured his mother here with promises of aid were nobles of Ferelden, the sort who had bent knee to the Orlesians so they could keep their lands. Rather than finally live up to their ancestral oaths, they had betrayed their rightful Queen. If no one escaped to inform those who had remained with the rebel army about what had actually happened, they might never know the truth. They would guess, but what could they do without proof? The traitors might never pay for their crime.+ Z' n5 y; \! I
頭的劇痛開始變得麻木, 在隱隱地敲打著. 他趟在那裡, 心中傳來一陣怨憤. 那些用計引母親出來的人, 都是Fefelden 貴族. 就是那些為了保全一己領地而甘願屈膝在 Orlais 人腳下的貴族. 他們本應緊遵祖先立下的誓言, 現在竟然背叛自己國家正統的女王. 如果沒有人活著離開這裡, 去告訴餘下反抗軍的同伴, 他們可能永遠不會知道今晚的真相. 或者他們會猜得到, 但沒真憑實據, 猜得到又可以怎樣? 那些叛徒很可能永遠不會遭到應得的報應!
. d, ^* y: @% S
; ?* H8 \: O: ~# v; B3 L- e

  h2 C2 ^5 Y0 n7 }Maric sat up, his throbbing head protesting fiercely. Aching and shivering, he was wet and chilled right to the bone. Getting his bearings was difficult, but he guessed he was not far from the edge of the forest. He had stumbled only a short ways in, and the men chasing him were not far away, searching and calling out to each other. Their voices were getting fainter, however. Maybe he should just remain still? He was in some kind of a depression, and if he stayed there long enough, these men could pass him by, giving him enough time to catch his breath. Perhaps he could find his way back to the clearing and see if any of his mother’s men had survived.
0 M) Q& J& C0 [: u/ |1 D. t! oMaric 坐起身, 頭立刻猛烈痛起來. 痛楚、顫抖、濕透的全身,加上寒冷刺骨. 他不知道身在何方, 但想應離樹林邊沿很近. 他只跑進來一小段路, 追殺他的人亦離開不遠. 他們一直搜尋他、彼此呼叫著, 但聲音卻越來越小. 或許就這樣靜止不動比較好? 他身處在一個凹地裡頭, 如果一直待著, 他們或者就在旁邊經過, 讓他有足夠喘息的時間, 然後回到剛才的空地看看有沒有母親的部下生還.
$ ?1 U% \) L! P
9 @: ]5 l5 b# Y7 i& w

6 O9 w& z2 g0 }* ?& n7 a6 @A sudden crunch of twigs nearby made him stop again. Maric listened carefully in the darkness for an agonizing moment, but heard nothing. The noise had been a footstep; he was sure of it. He waited longer, not daring to move a muscle . . . and heard it again. Quieter, this time. Someone was definitely trying to sneak up on him. Maybe they could see him, even if he couldn’t see them?
. v" M; f0 N4 y3 p突然身旁傳來樹枝「辟啪」的聲音.  Maric 僵住了, 他側耳細聽, 待著會發生甚麼事. 可是卻沒聽到甚麼. 他敢肯定那些是腳步聲. 他等候著, 不敢動身上一塊肌肉...然後, 又傳來「辟啪」一聲. 這次聲音更輕了. 看來有人準備好要偷襲他. 是被發現了嗎? 他可甚麼都看不見!

8 f/ H7 Y/ c5 W- S8 N2 B" F2 C# m2 S! W. C
: t, f$ \* Q) F3 o' Y. t" m5 p, V
Maric cast about desperately. The far side of the hollow he was in opened up into a downward slope. It was difficult to tell the general terrain with so little moonlight coming through the canopy. There were also trees in that direction, roots and thick bushes that would prevent him from crawling out of sight. He either had to stay where he was . . . or climb out.
& i2 ^& l9 {) K8 `  uMaric 苦苦思索著. 他掉進來的凹地前面是個往下的斜坡. 光線這麼少實在難以判斷地勢. 那個方向還有些樹、樹根和密密的草叢, 若向那方向爬, 準會被發現. 那麼他可以做的, 若不是待在這裡...便是得爬出去.
' n+ p% B4 K7 v1 s8 l0 N

4 f8 U# p3 q0 W: W; f0 I0 _, Z
4 k) k( h( w9 kA squelch of wet leaves nearby forced Maric as low to the ground as he could go. Listening closely was difficult given the muted shouting in the distance and the sound of the wind blowing high in the trees, but he could ever so faintly detect the soft steps of someone passing nearby. He suspected they couldn’t see him at all. In fact, it was dark enough that his pursuer would likely end up doing exactly what Maric had done and fall right into the hollow.
' [9 M4 o) R0 M$ A; F' M& b附近樹葉的唧唧聲使 Maric 不得不緊貼地面. 儘管遠處仍在叫嚷,頭頂的風聲也不小 ,他還是聽得出那人就在身旁走過. 他開始懷疑他們根本沒看見他. 事實上, 四周如此漆黑, 他的敵人也有可能跟自己一樣, 掉進這個坑裡來.

7 I$ L( J; u5 G. a
8 A5 U6 s. O5 l6 Y8 L; I; Y
: v+ G$ E6 P" ?4 P! o% ]Maric didn’t exactly relish the idea of his enemy falling on top of him, so he cautiously tried to get up onto his feet. Sharp pain lanced through his knees and arms. There were cuts on his face and hands from the branches, and he was sure there was a gash on his head . . . but it all felt distant, as if someone else were experiencing the pain. He tried to control his movements, making them slow and quiet. Smooth. And he continued to listen for more footsteps, anxiously biting his lower lip. It was difficult to hear anything over the desperate thumping of his heart. Surely it was obvious to whoever was out there. Perhaps they were closing in for the kill even now, laughing at his terror.! q4 }* q* p3 Z- [  s
當然 Maric 不認為讓敵人壓在自己身上會是個好主意, 他於是小心奕奕地跪著起來. 手臂和膝蓋傳來刺痛, 他的臉和手被樹枝劃破了, 頭頂也肯定有個不小的傷口...然而此刻, 這些感覺都離他很遠, 像是發生在別人身上痛楚般. 他小心緩慢地移動身子, 不敢發出聲響. 他緊緊的咬著下唇, 聽著那腳步聲, 但那撲通撲通的心跳卻讓他難以聽見. 當然, 在這種境況下誰都會如此. 說不定敵人們已把他包圍住, 笑著要下手了.

, O4 h2 u! Q/ y8 `6 A5 V& i: g2 d6 j- z5 B* P2 G
0 g7 v, _& h3 k, }; X
Breathing deliberately, sweating despite the chill, Maric slowly pulled himself upright enough to get both his feet underneath him. His right knee spasmed, shooting lightning-sharp agony up his leg. This injury he felt very clearly, unlike the others. In shock, he hissed through gritted teeth, nearly gasping out loud.- c" E4 I4 \" {  _1 n/ b/ ~
喘著氣、冒著冷汗的 Maric 慢慢地把自己拉起身. 劇痛由他右膝往上傳來, 明顯地那個傷口比其他的要嚴重. 在驚訝間, 從咬緊的牙縫吐出了一下嘶嘶聲 -- 他痛得幾乎要叫了出來.

9 {' q4 g1 Q+ P+ ~' V. C
* z5 L1 V$ Y% L5 q. j  x, n1 z  \: i( H5 K9 B6 i& j
Immediately he clamped his mouth shut and closed his eyes in silent reprimand at his idiocy. Crouching there in the darkness, he listened carefully. The footsteps had stopped. Someone else, farther out among the trees, shouted in Maric’s direction. He couldn’t quite hear what the man had said, but there was definitely a question to it: calling out, asking if they had found anything. But there was no response. The source of the footsteps nearby had probably heard Maric and was not willing to give his own position away by answering.
, l; W$ ?% i9 ~" b% W
他立即閉了咀, 合上眼在斥責自己的愚蠢. 他繼續在黑暗中爬行, 細心的聽著動靜. 腳步聲止住了. 遠處的樹林傳來另一個人的叫喊, 朝著這個方向來. Maric 雖然聽不清楚內容, 但卻肯定是個問題: 在問可有找到甚麼. 沒有人回答. 看來在他附近的這個人不希望給Maric洩露自己的位置.

( w$ l8 B7 G2 V# f+ |- K9 Y& \0 J6 V7 A2 a% V2 j7 b, _6 H
! D7 j3 Q! F6 {: n
With the utmost care, Maric crawled up the side of the depression. He squinted into the shadows, trying to pick out anything that might resemble a human form. He imagined his pursuer doing the same thing, playing a cat-and-mouse game in the dark. The first one of them to spot the other would win the prize. Belatedly, Maric realized that even if he did see this man, there might not be much he could do about it. He wasn’t armed. An empty sheath dangled at his waist, his belt knife lent to Hyram not two hours earlier to cut some rope. Hyram, one of his mother’s most trusted generals and a fine man he had known since childhood, most likely lying dead at his Queen’s side, their blood cooling in the midnight air. Maric cursed himself for a fool and tried to put the image out of his mind.
, {! G. v& N+ ~, y, j  a8 xMaric 極度謹慎地往上爬到那凹地的邊緣. 他瞇着眼睛, 嘗試找出任何人的身影. 他想那人也跟自己一樣, 在黑暗中玩貓捉老鼠的遊戲 -- 誰先看見對方便是贏家. 但Maric突然察覺太遲了, 即使他看到了那人又可以怎樣? 他身上沒有武器. 腰間只掛著空空的刀鞘. 那刀在不到兩小時前借給了 Hyram -- 一個他母親最信任的將軍. 他是個優秀的將軍, 也是Maric 自小認識的伙伴. 現在, Hyram 大概伏屍在母親身旁, 趟在那被涼風吹得冰冷的血泊中. 想到這裡, Maric咒罵自己幹麼想這些蠢事情, 於是他極力把影像從腦海抹掉.
6 J, ]5 k& X$ @8 w$ `5 G" a% h

* l" h* M8 u2 K3 Z7 C) Y
1 Y: u6 F4 q* T# rJust then, Maric noticed a glint in the shadows. Narrowing his eyes helped him just barely discern a sword, its polished blade reflecting the faint moonlight. In the mass of dark shadows and bushes, he still couldn’t see the form of the man holding the weapon, but it calmed him to finally know where his opponent was.
& L. I8 v/ g$ r5 T* D# u* L1 M* g4 u突然 Maric 留意到黑影中有些閃亮的東西. 瞇起雙眼, 他僅僅認得出是一把劍, 平滑的劍刃反映著淡淡的月光. 但在叢林間他還是找不著拿劍的傢伙. 不過, 他總算知道對手在哪兒了.
! d( s- C* K" [+ g
7 [* M. t6 b8 _$ i
+ ^- v, H5 T' w0 y7 _! x# w) `
Gaze locked in that direction, Maric raised his hands to grasp the edge of the depression and quietly heaved himself up. The pain that shot through his arms was considerable, but he ignored it and never for one second took his eyes off that sword. As he got over the edge, the sword moved. A dark shape began lumbering toward him, raising the sword up high and growling with menace./ \5 k2 O6 U' G7 J+ n: J+ t. z
緊緊盯着那個方向, Maric 扶著邊緣從凹地爬了出來, 靜靜地起身. 儘管雙臂傳來陣陣的痛楚, 他的注意力從沒有離開過那劍影一秒. 當他從凹地爬出來之際, 那劍影移動了. 一個身影朝著他的方向過來, 高高的舉起了劍, 然後大喝了一聲.
7 a0 T, _* M/ M3 F% D) [# k

) _; W2 u" r; f6 W1 j7 K
/ \" o" V+ ]1 ?' s9 B& x+ w' BWithout thinking, Maric launched himself forward and charged. The sword slashed down by his ear, narrowly missing his arm. He rammed headfirst into the man’s midsection, knocking the wind out of him. Unfortunately, the pursuer was wearing a heavy chain hauberk, and Maric’s head exploded with pain. He may as well have head-butted a tree trunk. The world spun around him wildly. He would have careened out of control had his momentum not carried the two of them backwards, knocking the man off his feet. They fell on hard uneven ground, with the swordsman taking the brunt of the impact. His weapon arm swung out to one side, causing the sword to fly out into the shadows.
6 W  t# F7 n" @+ r: c想也沒有想, Maric 拔腿便往前衝. 劍在耳邊掠過, 只差一點便砍中他的手臂. 他用盡氣力, 朝那人腹部重重的來一記頭鎚. 不幸地, 那人身上穿著鎖子甲, 撞得 Maric 頭痛欲裂, 然後好像還撞上了樹幹. 那人被Maric這麼一撞, 也失去平衡跌倒, 結果兩人雙雙落在凹凸不平的地面上. 劍從手中飛脫, 消失在黑暗之中.
* o, f' _2 P) O, B! ~5 R
2 v$ h. s5 K  p1 t7 Q8 [" J1 u
  x, Q- h9 ]: l9 h4 K
Almost delirious and barely able to see, Maric pulled himself back up and grabbed the man’s head in both hands. He felt a strong whiskered jaw, and the man flailed wildly with his free hand, trying to push Maric off. He tried to shout, possibly call on his fellows for help, but all that came out was a muted bellow. Maric used the benefit of leverage to pull up the man’s head and then slam it down hard. The man grunted when his head hit an exposed root.
+ |: G7 D7 E5 G, i) p" y頭暈轉向,眼又看不見,Maric 爬起來, 用雙手抓著那人的頭. 他摸到強壯的下巴. 那人的手在亂舞要把 Maric 推開. 他試大著叫呼喚同伴來幫忙, 但吼叫聲發不出來. Maric 借力把那人的的頭拉起來, 狠狠地撞落地面突出的樹根. 然後是一陣痛苦的呼嚕聲.

3 B6 o9 _! _# i6 D. X2 @( O1 A0 i
: t% y3 j: d* L7 P, s( c3 R4 M! Q, G) x
“You bastard!” Maric snarled. The man’s desperation intensified, the hand reaching for Maric’s face, slapping and clawing. Finding purchase, it pushed hard against Maric’s nose, one finger digging into his eye. Maric pulled his face away as he shoved down hard on the man’s head, grinding it back into a root. The man grunted and tried to buck Maric off, but the heavy hauberk worked against him. He writhed and pushed with that one hand against Maric’s face, but none of his efforts were enough to get him free.0 D" d' W5 x6 J( z6 b
"你這雜種!" Maric 憤怒地低吼. 那人更是焦急了, 他的手抓到了 Maric 的臉, 在亂打亂抓, 又往鼻子大力推, 手指都要插進眼睛裡去了. Maric 把臉轉開, 把那人的頭再一次推落樹根上. 那人奮力要把 Maric 甩開, 但沉重的鎖子甲妨礙著他. 那人就是抓住Maric 的臉不停的掙扎, 還是沒法脫身.
: \9 c4 F( A* o
( t' O3 w; t* v+ m0 J

8 T9 V2 y( a% o! H3 HMaric’s throbbing head was torture, and his neck was stretched to its limit, trying to pull away. When Maric let go of the man’s head to battle the pushing hand, the bearded man made an attempt to kick Maric off. Maric lost his balance for a moment and the enemy’s hand turned into a fist, thumping him solidly across the face.
9 f' P( M$ w+ H" q5 F8 WLight-headedness came over Maric, and he saw stars. He fought against swooning, reached down, and grabbed as much of the man’s long hair as he could, pulling him upward. This time the man bellowed loudly, his head yanked up at an awkward and painful angle. Letting out his own cry of effort, Maric crashed the man’s head down on the tree root a third time. Even harder.
# }* }/ ~5 W2 m2 y) x
Maric 的頭痛死了, 他伸長脖子要甩開, 但最後還是得鬆開雙手與那人的手博鬥. 手一鬆開, 那個長滿鬍子的男人便趁機踢開他. Maric 失去平衡往後退, 那人見勢便向他揮了一拳. 那一拳可差點把他打昏了, Maric支撐著往前撲去, 大把的抓住他的長髮把他拉起來. 這一趟, 那人高聲的叫了出來, 因為頭被迫拉到一個不正常的角度. 哪管他的叫嚷, Maric 第三次把他的頭往樹根栽下去. 這一次更狠了.
5 k, f5 M7 a+ n7 R! Z5 E

  |) I' J, b; u5 D! v; D3 f) E: h: o4 N" p4 A
“You killed her!” Maric shouted. He picked up the man’s head by the hair yet again to slam it down. “You bastard, you killed her!” He smashed the head down again.+ `4 v+ ~" h2 G& e7 t: v
"你把她殺了!" Maric 大叫. 他再一次抓著頭髮, 把頭拉起撞下去 "你這雜種, 你把她殺了!" 然後再一次, 把頭撞下去.
/ S# B& L9 P, \! [" d# D7 }

: D# L- F6 p9 o% M# Z0 P0 H0 D8 U) f1 s
And again.8 c) l: J6 D; a2 R; o, U
然後, 再一次.

% G, A$ V6 E. V& d! x4 v& v
1 _! q' V7 T/ g# Z' Y* y' DTears welled up in his eyes, and he choked on his words: “She was your Queen, and you killed her!” He slammed the head again, still harder. This time the man stopped fighting back. A cloying, meaty smell assaulted Maric’s nostrils. His hands were covered with thick, fresh blood that wasn’t his own. Almost involuntarily, he fell off the body and scrambled back, his bloody hands slipping on the cold leaves, and pain shooting anew through his legs. He half expected the man to rise up and charge at him again. But he didn’t. The body lay there in the shadows, a vague shape resting awkward and still upon a clump of tree roots. Maric could barely make out the great oak behind him, thrusting up into the overhead canopy like a gravestone.
- j2 L5 ]; z/ q% {4 [0 a# \+ \他熱淚盈眶、咽哽著說: "她可是你們的女王, 但你卻把她殺了!" 然後更大力的一次. 這次那人再沒有反擊了. 一陣倒胃的血腥味闖進他的鼻子裡. 他的雙手沾滿了血 -- 不屬於自己的鮮血. 不由自主地, 他急速往後退開. 染血的手撐在又濕又冷的葉子上, 雙腿的痛楚再次劇烈起來. 他仍有點怕那人會起來衝向他. 但那人動也不動. 在黑暗中, 那身驅以怪異的姿勢趟在地面的樹根上. Maric 勉強能認出身後的橡樹, 高聳進入頭頂的樹冠中, 就像墓碑一樣.
- x) l$ |1 z; @$ G" c5 |

) {( a5 _" n8 B4 x/ Q
1 F* n6 g0 X- b4 A+ OHe felt physically ill, his stomach twisting in knots and his body shaking. Almost involuntarily, he brought a hand up to his mouth to keep his bile down, smearing fresh blood onto his face. There was gore on his hand, clumps of skin and hair. He convulsed, vomiting onto the muddy ground what little lunch he had eaten earlier in the day. Despair threatened to overwhelm him.4 \, q; G3 U6 B& ^: a5 m
他感到極為不適, 胃扭作一團、身體也在抖震著. 他不自覺地用手掩著口要控制自己, 把血到沾到臉上. 他發現手上沾滿了鮮血、團團的皮膚和頭髮. 他受不了, 往身旁便吐, 把午餐和剛才吃的都吐了出來. 那絕望的感覺快要把他壓倒.
) L7 R) D; p& i$ Y
3 n$ Z% S" p* ^  N

- ^7 ?+ f3 b4 C, X% B4 j! JYou’re the King, he reminded himself.
& Z& l8 s8 P; t4 @% ]- v你可是國王啊. 他提醒自己.
2 `0 v( X* y: y' a2 b
: J% ^+ Z$ [% U6 M7 k
Maric’s mother, Queen Moira, was a tower of strength who could lead armies of battle-hardened men to victory. She was every inch her grandfather’s daughter; that’s what everyone said. She had inspired some of the most powerful noblemen in Ferelden to rise up in her name and fight to put her on the throne simply because they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she belonged there.6 v" H& J; {% R% n/ g/ K; b
Maric 的母親, Moria 女王, 是個十分可靠的人, 她能帶領一隊身經百戰的戰士獲勝. 從頭到腳她都有祖父的影子, 每個人都是這麼說的. 他激勵了 Ferelen 裡勢力最大的幾位貴族站出來為她的名而戰, 最後使她登上了王位. 那些貴族不為甚麼, 就只知道這個她是實至名歸的.

$ u9 }' [; R' `8 W( J
. _0 K+ A- l' w' P1 o1 a! A! F* ]. Z9 @" N. e0 k* R
And now she’s gone, and you’re the King, he repeated to himself. It felt no more real now than it had before.% Q1 w; s3 Y3 E
現在他走了, 而我是王. 他重覆對自己說. 這從來沒有如此真實過.

* G* [7 R) V1 ]/ J6 F# T/ I6 G
' A5 M7 K1 |7 L$ Y0 A. E/ w2 E
In the distance, the sounds of the pursuit were getting louder again. The traitors might have heard Maric’s struggle with the bearded man. He needed to leave. He needed to run, to keep going. Yet he could not will his legs to move. He sat in the dark forest, his bloody hands held out in front of him as if he had no idea where else to put them.# K3 Q+ ]2 l% P. X
遠處追殺者的聲音越來越大, 可能聽到剛才他跟那鬍子男人的爭鬥. 他得離開這裡. 他要跑, 繼續往前跑. 可是雙腿卻不由自主, 他就這樣坐在漆黑的森林中, 舉起那雙染血的手, 就像不知道怎樣安放它們一樣.
3 K. h. G1 X5 \8 C* ?( L4 y
8 Z! p) B  M) V. t. x5 M7 h0 z
# P& b, ~' H) g# d! F
All Maric could think of was his mother’s voice the last time she had returned from battle. She was in full armor, covered in blood and sweat, and grinning madly. Maric had been dragged in front of her by his trainer for brawling with a commoner boy. Even worse, Arl Rendorn had been with his mother, and he asked if Maric had at least won the fight. Burning with shame, Maric admitted to being soundly beaten, causing the Arl to snort and ask what sort of king Maric could possibly make.5 f0 y- W& }3 @4 l
Maric 只想起他母親的聲音, 就在最近一次她打完仗回來的時候. 她全副武裝, 滿身都是汗水和血跡, 臉上掛著帶點瘋狂的微笑. 又記得有一次, 他因為跟一個平民的兒子打架而被教練帶到母親面前. 更糟的是, Rendorn伯爵那時候和母親一起, 伯爵問他最少有沒有打贏了. Maric極之羞愧地承認自己輸得很徹底. 聽後, 伯爵哼了一聲, 質疑他將來究竟可以成為個怎樣的國王.

8 r% m5 O6 M% J* H1 m: }. u0 T' X

2 g: w; U0 ]1 sAnd then his mother had laughed merrily, a laugh that could dispel anything serious. She had taken Maric’s chin in her hand and looked in his eyes, and with a gentle smile told him not to listen to the Arl. You are the light of my life, and I believe in you.
8 ]+ U6 N6 S% X; N3 |1 ]6 ?然後母親卻歡喜的笑了出來, 打破了嚴肅的氣氛. 她抬起Maric 的下巴, 望著他的雙眼, 溫柔地微笑說: 不要聽他. 你是我生命的亮光, 我相信你的.

9 {+ @. v7 J$ M3 K" l! E2 G! o9 [, B7 H+ M8 {$ w9 j, W, J
9 L" T1 `9 U7 S" t' K1 _' H
Grief brought Maric close to laughing and crying at the same time. His mother had believed in him, and yet he had gotten lost in the woods in less than half an hour. Should he somehow elude his pursuers, make it out of the forest, and obtain another horse, he still needed to find a way to locate the army. He was so used to being led around, being told where to go and where to ride, that he hadn’t paid attention to any route they’d taken. He had followed as he was bidden. Now he couldn’t even guess his location.
6 T% X7 ^" X4 F+ `6 L6 ^悲傷使他邊笑邊哭起來. 他的母親一直都這麼相信他, 但自己在不到半小時前還在樹林裡迷失了. 即使他繞過了敵人成功離開這地方, 找到了一匹馬, 他還得要找到自己的軍隊才行. 然而一直以來他已習慣了被人帶來帶去, 要往那裡、要騎馬到哪裡, 他都沒放在心上, 也沒注意行走的路線. 他像被賣的奴隸般跟著大夥兒走. 現在, 他根本不知道自己身在何方.
0 B( O; \- V6 {) I+ G

- r6 r: E4 w4 o. {% ~# m7 T2 G7 s, `) b7 |3 L2 g2 y% _( m
And thus passes the last true King of Ferelden, he thought with bizarre amusement. He wanted to be a good king, but he didn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground.% S1 r- T8 p$ u) A
現在這竟是Ferelden 最後的國王, 他卻覺得異乎尋常的可笑. 他想成為一個好國王, 但竟然不知道要如何做起.

) Y0 K9 c6 p& ?, Q; `  ~; |5 b  H. {# E; \9 a- k! r6 U$ r
, {% L" G0 f0 I/ S- i
Mad giggling threatened to overtake his tears, but Maric shut down both reactions. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking of the past, or grieving. He had just killed a man with his bare hands, and there were other enemies nearby. He needed to run. He took a deep, ragged breath and closed his eyes. Deep down inside of him there was steel. He embraced it, tasted its bitter edge and let it shut out the whirlwind inside of him. He needed to be calm, even if only for a moment.5 C0 k# T4 {4 k4 q. ~! a
Maric 按捺著自己激動的情緒. 現在可不是緬懷過去或悲傷的時候. 他剛剛徒手殺了人, 而敵人還在附近. 他必須逃跑.  Maric深深地吸了一口氣, 閉上雙眼, 尋找心中那堅定的意志, 他擁抱著它, 除去一切的雜念. 是的, 他必須冷靜, 即使是一會兒也好.

* E3 G9 k1 }4 p" Z2 L7 r, J8 }5 m/ R
* y  D/ z# J$ x8 H. Z$ @& ^. q. v2 j. p8 s
When he opened his eyes again, he was ready., W; G: x" n1 }% s; h: c+ A  d! a
當他再睜開雙眼時, 他準備好了.
2 p* [- i: o/ N+ U# n& d, A, X
: P3 i% [8 |( a& a" I7 \) @8 t
# m: b, Q# b# K# o
Maric cast about calmly for any sign of the sword that had flown out of the other man’s hand. Everything around him was somehow moving very slowly, none of it seeming quite real. There were too many bushes, too many odd dips and clumps of trees where the sword could be hiding. He couldn’t find it. Then he heard another man’s voice, this one calling out from somewhere close. There was no more time.! y6 g& D+ Y1 ^% I0 t% ^6 w
Maric冷靜地尋找那人丟了的劍. 但身邊的東西不知怎地看起來在緩慢的移動著, 都不像真實的. 實在是太多草叢、奇怪的凹洞或雜草可以把那把劍藏起來. 他找不著. 然後他聽到另一個人的聲音在附近傳來. 實在沒有時間了.

2 ?( [4 {! W/ P/ q- K  ], I0 a. n* i

. W8 q: a9 [2 S9 @Standing gingerly, Maric listened for where the voices were coming from. As soon as he ascertained their source, he headed in the opposite direction. It was an awkward hobble at first. His legs were bruised and cramped and he might have broken some bones, but he ignored the pain. With effort, he grabbed on to low-hanging branches and pulled himself farther into the darkness., |- u- V" F, f8 _
Maric小心翼翼站起身, 聽聽那人聲的方向. 他一弄清楚來源, 便往相反的方向跑. 剛開始時跑的還很不自然. 畢竟雙腿已滿是傷痕了, 甚至可能斷了幾根骨頭. 但是他都把痛楚拋諸腦後. 靠抓著身邊的樹枝幫助, 一步一步消失在漆黑之中.

3 q. J, H, \) G  t1 J: J, i' [6 P$ R3 ^) r

1 |$ `+ I. g- F  K$ S5 mThey would pay for what they had done. If he did only one thing as King, he would make them pay.( U$ W6 s" G  b0 ?9 H" f1 v! O- x
他們會為所做的事付出代價的. 如果身為王只能做一件事, 那就是要他們付代價.

; d) x" P1 U& {, @4 n. L; m# ]2 ^! s0 b) e3 p" B3 K2 u9 |; _
, G! S: b, {6 c7 y; r, J
6 m" I" S# K9 ?. _7 B/ _. [! K6 p' k8 S+ |) @  ]- Z8 s" m, h

, n$ C8 {7 p' A! g0 s7 A------------------------------
* }& p& Y# _$ ~) I- u6 i7 _譯後感: 一幕晚上的追逐戰, 描寫得很不錯, 也交待了主角的背景, 性格 , 和那種心理上的掙扎和轉變. 作者對"感覺"的描述很多, 讓人很能感受到主角身和心的那種震憾, 痛苦和不安...只是小弟的詞彙有限, 有些未能十分傳神的表達到.. ' ~! ^6 \6 K* b6 C! o8 b2 @. D

& b" n- j4 s4 C' K  r" _
' A7 E3 ^2 L1 R7 q( j( B
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mymag + 10 這個一定要加分的
雅子 + 10 讚讚!先加再說~

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80 G
發表於 2010-4-11 07:11:02 |顯示全部樓層
喔喔喔...大推!!想不到也有人在看這本QQ5 I/ N: Z* u& [9 n
博客來外文館有進這本書喔,網路可以訂購,在今年五月中之前還打85折~( C, g4 I1 _! f9 c0 p
7 i% W2 n3 b7 d; ]6 ~' H& _) @6 N第二本"The Calling"這本書博客來外文館也有進..不過沒有打折,很貴!!要一張藍色大鈔左右QoQ
, ?  [* W+ B. f) R/ x4 A* G) U網址:http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/booksfile.php?item=F011891823
# u9 q* n6 ^3 W& D! ~, d1 H1 N如果有人很想看又沒錢買的......我之前睡覺時有做一個夢...
& M3 a3 b9 [/ w8 Z7 ]夢到好像看到有人把這兩本的PDF檔放上網免費讓人抓...
6 C2 R. |/ S% E夢中好像看到用某狗大神就可以找得到的樣子?( E2 f; {6 i$ c8 z" n
阿..醒來後...去逛了一下3DM的論壇~9 w- }$ y$ [0 c; E( B) M
發現The Calling這本書3DM那邊有人在翻,目前好像翻到第七章!
, j2 j: ], v. ?3 \* \如果有人跟我一樣英文不是很好,卻又很想快速的就了解這本書的話...可以去那邊找找看^^3 Q# t# h3 `) d* o
% }, {: e9 B; S2 ]目前第一本也都只看不到1/5......* S$ K; V1 ~1 u% X! \
9 X5 i/ P, {. _4 c2 K哀..不知道今年可不可以玩到它Q.Q


冬風  我去WAL MART 翻翻(踹飛  發表於 2010-4-12 07:15:08
imdrizzt  去年黎明書局或一些書店的外文圖書區有進幾本,不知賣完沒,不過實體店面賣的有時比較貴就是...  發表於 2010-4-12 04:29:15
beta400  啊, 的確是, 我夢中也見到有完全版的 pdf..不過既是夢中的便不好轉貼了 XD 書店沒有進貨, 看來只能網上買了  發表於 2010-4-11 19:45:15
kizuna  感謝資訊..我也去找來看看  發表於 2010-4-11 15:07:31
angelokok  不推不行阿!!!!!!!!!!  發表於 2010-4-11 13:03:45
Sean9129  看來也是鄉民來著…鄉民都有嗜睡症XDD  發表於 2010-4-11 07:41:42

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420 G
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精神上支持. v& u  M0 j) S+ E8 Y% ]( ^
現在我認清遊戲本質 就是玩爽就好 不要去拘泥於一些東西

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1145 G


發表於 2010-4-22 23:18:47 |顯示全部樓層
今天終於到手了, 在網上才買的到...先拍個照~
) c' b- ^* h1 c* L" O, t2 X$ M" b6 }+ j+ X2 J

' A8 w$ }3 y4 F) F% v0 \+ e8 [
; S: `0 x' M7 R9 h5 Y8 s% N* S厚厚的兩本, 可以看上好一段時間了...
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雅子  書皮看來不錯,但都英文啊=口=",咦,怎麼只拍到手手~沒看到玉照啊  發表於 2010-4-23 00:01:24
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mymag + 1 看到書,我的收藏欲望就出現了

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168 G
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' i7 M8 X, @% Q, x# |# y* I  L! T% ]
真不錯啊!!- u* Z5 ]# r! |1 H
8 k4 L" W7 D% D0 }! E

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70 G
發表於 2010-4-26 21:36:32 |顯示全部樓層

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55 G
發表於 2010-4-26 22:03:05 |顯示全部樓層
哇~~~7 I8 U9 }$ _' D- B0 f
連小說都有翻譯~~- }0 h# L% I, {$ y9 d; e
太棒了看完後' a  H7 ]2 y% d  q6 f3 Y


雅子  有什麼見解嗎@@???可以大略解說一下哦~  發表於 2010-4-27 12:21:17

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628 G
發表於 2010-4-27 18:11:06 |顯示全部樓層
嗯,原文書放在書架上...看起來一定很酷!9 Z3 I& S4 m% h& |* t" [
' r4 r+ b' n; O9 G; }5 {; s感謝beta400前輩辛苦的翻譯~~~

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190 G
發表於 2010-4-28 00:00:31 |顯示全部樓層
看完了故事的背景,也了解了故事的開始3 |3 Y! j' o/ i, F4 f' i1 s* ?
% L. @8 ~9 @! z算是近來RPG遊戲一個不錯的作品
一分耕耘 一分收穫

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109 G
發表於 2010-5-2 15:55:32 |顯示全部樓層
我也好想看Q_Q7 w/ M  P% L( P; R/ j
" |9 u0 E# _8 r/ q! G希望有朝一日會有中文版的啦~

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53 G
發表於 2010-5-2 16:03:05 |顯示全部樓層

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本帖最後由 d3815408 於 2010-5-4 23:24 編輯 3 S8 E% `- N' G
# ?# f/ |# |/ h
目前看過的歐美小說都是"奇幻基地"翻譯的版本!!(龍槍(D&D改編)阿~死亡之門阿~等等...)6 b3 ^, j" D- p
我真的很愛看歐美作家寫的小說!!0 r! L8 t1 s: Q# E$ n- ]
  y" J8 T3 I9 `1 B& G# A(在小說中看見遊戲的角色串場,我超喜歡那種驚喜感!!)4 w0 }7 q* U# F) [0 ~6 _# {$ Z
非常感謝樓主幫我們這些英文苦手的玩家或讀者翻譯試閱文章!!翻得真棒啊!!9 u; ~9 `& w+ L- [) w% D
! `; ?. {& V0 DD&D的書都有了!!DAO的書怎麼能少呢!? 對吧!!


newzayin  DO A <---是這樣翻譯的嗎?(逃)  發表於 2010-6-7 23:31:44
yah12  難道是DOA的關係?  發表於 2010-5-22 11:30:58
d3815408  啊!((拿起眼鏡))Dragon..a..ge...還真的是DAO耶! 回太快了...不小心有手誤....馬上改!! 謝謝兩位提醒!!((拭淚  發表於 2010-5-4 23:23:48
雅子  為什麼男人特別會反過來???  發表於 2010-5-4 18:52:33
冬風  因為男人嘛...(誤  發表於 2010-5-4 13:37:18
雅子  是DAO哦@@,發現挺多人會把A與O反過來  發表於 2010-5-4 12:25:41

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13 G
發表於 2010-5-4 14:40:01 |顯示全部樓層

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7 G
發表於 2010-5-4 18:38:34 |顯示全部樓層
0 h7 O8 A: k2 g( k& Q誰說遊戲沒好處
; u  s% l) ?$ Y& D感謝分享

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80 G
發表於 2010-5-5 08:33:32 |顯示全部樓層
$ T, V# U/ i2 ~! h4 X6 g$ F小說中可以看出Loghain真的為了Felerden幾乎奉獻出所有的一切,
+ y. @4 d) x, B4 T, m尤其最後為了Felerden還把自己最心愛的女人讓給Maric
2 p# W. g# g# q, s(在小說裡Loghain和Rowan是互相愛慕的,不過Rowan一開始就設定為Maric的未婚妻)4 F7 g) p4 n2 u+ e: O: z
在The Stolen Throne這本小說裡,Loghain真的可以說是一個大英雄,) d8 f9 {7 }) J/ `/ S- `
  G: h; Z! ?0 J' ~Maric要是沒有Loghain的幫助根本不可能成功
5 x* a. i. T3 b4 S3 c* k, {% K(小說中Maric愛上了敵方Orlais派出的女間諜Katriel,前半段Maric的軍隊被她害得滿慘的,要不是有Loghain,Maric早就完玩了~.~)
* q; y0 M5 f# T; ^" ^# z) m( v% A: |- p' k; V. R: ~
不過在玩了遊戲後,實在想不通為啥Loghain改變會這麼大0 H5 v( d: o" d7 X2 Q( I
/ W4 {* T  A  L" w(家園被奴隸,老爸被殺,費盡千辛萬苦幾乎犧牲所有才趕走Orlais). Q* C& ]) J& l: S' ^) ?5 j
對Grey Wardens充滿了不信任感2 M# K: [% P( Q% A8 r, j) G* z
(這是有原因的,第二本小說The Calling就是在說成了王的Maric被Orlais的Grey Wardens司令拐去救某人,Maric這時把治理國家的大任和照顧孩子的責任通通丟給Loghain,自己和年輕的Duncan以及女精靈法師Fiona三人快快樂樂的跑去冒險,Maric最後還和屬於Grey Wardens的女精靈法師Fiona相戀並生下一個私生子....不過由這點來看Grey Wardens還是有可能懷孕生小孩的)
: O. o) d1 Q4 F3 S9 H
& K2 ^8 Z, ?- Q, Z7 j7 s" T: g總而言之,以小說中對Loghain的描述以及他的性格來看,
# b' `& N9 U6 H) P0 e6 r% J3 N0 `雖然遊戲裡Cailan國王很無能以及常跟他爭吵,' a) a+ @5 o+ S% x  W5 b- C
但可以發現其實大部分最後Cailan都還是會聽他的話,9 j$ t2 F7 L4 d7 G
而且國家的實際掌權者是他和她女兒,Cailan嚴格來說只是一個傀儡國王而已,% R; V( h8 p& b3 K: _& k
9 h+ g& m9 x  t! X但在darkspawn大舉入侵,而且有可能發生Blight的時候,5 V2 s5 g* y+ s4 @) O3 M# q( A! c
# r. X4 A; J) f2 c+ }) O- W# [我實在不太相信他會做出遊戲裡種種不智之舉的謀略,( u1 j. ~$ o4 }
遊戲裡他的戰略,不用想就知道會嚴重削弱國家戰力,甚至導致內亂~' o! i5 f% i8 d8 F, C
4 J& d, c# k( c  _. ^) n! a) \但那時國家應該也沒有能力防止Orlais入侵的戰力了阿!
; N0 Z& }% d# c0 f8 `9 `5 b: R2 D. J; z& N7 e- _
已有 2 人評分聲望 金幣 收起 理由
beta400 + 2 + 1 同意冬風. 但我還沒把書看完啊 (不能看不能 ...
冬風 + 2 + 1 寫得不錯

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11 G
發表於 2010-5-5 19:19:23 |顯示全部樓層
太好啦!感谢分享!2 P2 w3 U8 L( V" h6 L0 G

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